Is it too cliche to say a company started in a basement? Good. Because this company started in a bathroom. That’s right. A stroke of brilliance from one of our own who while examining yet another defect in her (former) scrubs dreamed of giving back a better scrub uniform to her fellow medical colleagues.

She saw early on the potential in the medical apparel industry and the strides that needed to be made to produce the best products for our everyday heroes. And if we’re being completely honest she wanted something comfortable to wear to work that looks good on and doesn't sacrifice medical grade quality. Now is that really too much ask for? We didn’t think so, so we’re doing something about it.


While some view scrubs as just an unflattering, uncomfortable medical uniform, we view scrubs as so much more.

With over 50 years of combined medical service, we know a thing or two about practically living in scrubs. Between us, we've tried just about every brand and style in search of a scrub set we felt we could not only look great in but perfrom great in too. For years, the ideal scrub uniform evaded us, so we decided to change that.

Introducing ALTA - Premier scrubs for the premier medical professional.


Our mission is to innovate and provide the premier modern healthcare uniform for the modern healthcare professional.

As a direct to consumer brand for society's healthcare heroes, we feel the responsibility to see that every uniform is designed to meet even the highest healthcare standards. A uniform that not only feels as good as it looks, but is designed to perform right down to the last stitch. Just our little way of giving back to those who give so much.

We didn't invent scrubs, we're just aiming to perfect them.